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Media Coverage

The research we conduct on self-regualtion in health and well-being is often of interest to the popular press and other electronic media otulets and blogs. Below you will find links to articles and podcasts featuring research from our Lab, organised by topic.


All Parents Experience Guilt—Here’s Your Greatest Tool Against It

  • MindBodyGreen article featuring research from Dr Sirois and colleagues on the role of self-compassion for reducing parental guilt.

The Surprising Ingredient Your New Year’s Resolution Needs to Succeed

  • US News article featuring Dr Sirois’ research

Don’t cry over spilled milk—The research on why it’s important to give yourself a break

  • American Psychological Association Monitor on Psychology article on self-compassion featuring comments from Dr Sirois on the benefits of being self-compassionate.


Got Arthritis Blues? Focus on Gratitude this Season and Beyond

  • Article on the benefits of gratitude for coping with arthritis featuring quotes and research from Dr Sirois

Is gratitude the secret of happiness?

  • Article in the Guardian on the benefits of gratitude featuring Dr Sirois’ research

The Science of Gratitude

  • Phoenix Helix Podcast on the science of gratitude with Dr Sirois



  • Broadcast/podcast on BBC Radio Scotland with Dr Sirois

How to stop procrastinating

  • Quartz at Work article featuring Dr Sirois’ research and tips to reduce procrastination at work.

How Procrastination Affects Your Health

  • Thrive Global article on the health effects of procrastination, featuring Dr Sirois’ research.

Stop putting up with putting it off

  • Journal of Accountancy Newsletter on why people procrastinate and different perspectives on how to reduce this harmful tendency.

Episode 10: How To Stop Procrastinating

  • British Psychological Society PsychCrunch podcast on procrastination featuring Dr Sirois

See What Happens Inside Your Body When You Procrastinate

  • Men’s Health article and short animation on the physical effects of procrastination, as suggested by Dr Sirois’ research.

Procrastination: Is it Killing You?

  • Article in Women’s Health UK featuring Dr Sirois’ Research on procrastination and health (print version via e-reader).

Why your brain is so bad at planning for the future

  • Vox article on future self-continuity, with comments by Dr Sirois on the implications of feeling disconnected to your future self for procrastination.

How To Make Yourself Work When You Don’t Want To

  • Huffington Post article on how to beat procrastination with mention of Dr Sirois’ research.


How millennials can deprogram themselves from society’s unrealistic demands for perfection

  • Quartz magazine article on perfectionism among millennials and how it can be reduced, with mention of Dr Sirois’ research on perfectionism and procrastination.

Perfectionistic Concerns, Perfectionistic Strivings: There’s an important difference

  • Podcast featuring Dr Sirois discussing her meta-analysis demonstrating the links between procrastination and perfectionism.


A third of patients do not disclose their use of complementary therapy to physicians

  • Cardiovascular News article featuring Dr Sirois research on the use and disclosure of complementary health approaches among cardiac patients.

One in Three Cardiac Patients Use Complementary Health, Often Unbeknownst to Their Doctors

  • TCTMD article featuring Dr Sirois’ research on the use of complementary health approaches among cardiac patients.

Research Finds Massage Therapy Helps and Empowers Those with Fibromyalgia

  • Article in Healthscape, the newsletter of the Ontario Hospital Association, on Dr Sirois’ research of the psychological benefits of massage therapy.

Massage Therapy Helps and Empowers Those with Fibromyalgia

  • Pump up the Science column article for the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario’s biannual newsletter, TouchPoint, featuring Dr Sirois’ research of the psychological benefits of massage therapy.