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Refereed Journal Articles from the Lab (2015 to present)

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In press

Hirsch, J.K., Toussaint, L., Offenbächer, M., Kohls, N., Hanshans, C., Vallejo, M., Rivera, J., Sirois, F. M., Untner, J., Hölzl, B., Gaisberger, M., Ndosi, M. (In press). Educational needs of patients with rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases attending a large health facility in Austria. Musculoskeletal Care. link

Rabon, J. K., Sirois, F. M., Barton, A., Hirsch, J. K. (In press). Self-compassion and suicidal behavior: Indirect effects of depression, anxiety, and hopelessness across increasingly vulnerable samples. Self & Identity. link

Sirois, F. M., & Owens, J. (in press). A meta-analysis of loneliness and use of primary health care. Health Psychology Review. Open Access


Baird, H., Webb, T. L., Sirois, F. M., & Gibson-Miller, J. (2021). Understanding the effects of time perspective: A meta-analysis testing a self-regulatory framework. Psychological Bulletin 147(3), 233–267. link

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Hirsch, J.K., Altier, H.R., Offenbächer, M., Toussaint, L., Kohls, N., & Sirois, F. M. (2021). Positive psychological factors and impairment in rheumatic and musculoskeletal disease: Do psychopathology and sleep quality explain the linkage? Arthritis Care and Research, 73, 55–64. link

Hirsch, J.K., Hall, B.B., Wise, H.A., Brooks, B.D., Chang, E.C., & Sirois, F.M. (2021). Negative life events and suicide risk in college students: Conditional indirect effects of hopelessness and self-compassion. Journal of American College Health, 69, 546-553. link

Kaniuka, A., Kelliher Rabon, J., Brooks, B.D., Sirois, F. M., Kleiman, E., & Hirsch, J.K. (2021). Gratitude and suicide risk among college students: Substantiating the protective benefits of being thankful. Journal of American College Health, 69, 660-667. link

Khazaei, M., Holder, M. D., Sirois, F. M., Oades, L. G., & Gendron, B. (2021). Development and assessment of the Personal Emotional Capital Questionnaire for Adults. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 18(4), 1856. Open access.

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Sirois, F. M. (2021). Trait procrastination undermines outcome and efficacy expectancies for achieving health-related possible selves. Current Psychology, 40, 3840–3847. Open access

Sirois, F. M., & Owens, J. (2021). Factors associated with psychological distress in health-care workers during an infectious disease outbreak: A rapid systematic review. Frontiers in Psychiatry. Open access.

Sirois, F. M., Toussaint, L. L.,Hirsch, J. K., Kohls, N., & Offenbächer, M. (2021). A person-centred test of multidimensional perfectionism and health in people with chronic fatigue syndrome versus healthy controls. Personality and Individual Differences, 181, 111036. link

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Trinidade, I. & Sirois, F. M. (2021). The prospective effects of self-compassion on depressive symptoms, anxiety, and stress: A study in inflammatory bowel disease. Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 146, 110429. link

Vallejo, M. A., Vallejo-Slocker, L., Offenbacher, M., Hirsch, J.K., Toussaint, L. L., Kohls, N., Sirois, F. M., & Rivera, J. (2021). Psychological flexibility is key for reducing the severity and impact of fibromyalgia. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 18 (14). Open access

Xu, T., Sirois, F. M., Zhang, L., & Feng. T. (2021). Neural basis responsible for self-control association with procrastination: right MFC and bilateral OFC functional connectivity with left dlPFCith left dlPFC. Journal of Research in Personality, 91, 104063. link

Xu, T.,Chen, Z., Sirois, F. M., Zhang, R., Yang, Y., & Feng. T. (2021). Neuroanatomical substrates accounting for the effect of present hedonistic time perspective on risk preference: The mediating role of the right posterior parietal cortex. Brain Imaging & Behaviour, 15,244–254  link


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